Success Factor BF 530

Quality Requirements at Highest Level

The KOLBUS book production line BF 530 was established in the market long ago and convinces with a huge variability of the production possibilities. The guarantor is suitable for big as well as small orders with a maximum performance of more than one book per second during a constant and high level of quality.

The Netherlands
These benefits are also appreciated by one of the biggest print and finishing companies from the Netherlands who decided to invest in a second line from KOLBUS. Currently, the customer produces with two different machines. One of KOLBUS and one of our competitor. The criterion to invest in another KOLBUS BF 530 traces back to the product specific quality demands.

Since 2013 customers in Taiwan are steadily replacing their old hardcover lines by our new model BF 530. In the meantime there are four BF 530 and one BF 513 in operation already. All of our customers emphasize the big advantage of easy handling and fast changeover, which is essential for their increasing short run jobs. The biggest hardcover book manufacturer in Taiwan pointed out that, besides the outstanding quality of the products, the new BF 530 enables him to do about 10 to 12 changeovers per shift. He confirmed the BF 530 success story by ordering the second line, which is in operation since beginning of this year.

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