KOLBUS Palletiser PL 771

For fully automated palletising of loose stacks and blocks at rates of up to 1,800 stacks/h. The PL 771.E palletiser has the smallest footprint and is designed to stack on euro pallets only.

The PL 771 palletiser is capable of processing all generally used pallet types. Hallmarks of the machine are great flexibility, simple operation and a small footprint. The patented paternoster (vertical conveyor) takes the products to the specified palletising height. An integrated stack rotation system is used to achieve the preset palletising pattern.

The operator enters the product, stack and pallet dimensions on the swivel touchscreen. The palletising pattern is automatically calculated for optimal pallet utilisation. The machine’s memory can store up to 99 palletising patterns. The operator-friendly system control guarantees very short set-up times. Fine adjustments to the layer alignment can be made without stopping production.