KOLBUS Perfect Binder KM 610

For the production of perfect bound products and book blocks at speeds of 5,000 to 9,000 cycles/h.


KOLBUS simplifies the cost calculations for entry-level perfect binding by offering a machine that is competitively priced, simple to operate and fitted with the KOLBUS Copilot® system to deliver all the benefits of a highly automated operation.


Features that contribute to outstanding product quality include the angled lift feed, the rugged clamping system and the swivel-mounted milling unit, which makes tool-changing far easier.
The KM 610.A with 21 or 27 or 32 clamps is designed as a universal perfect binder for the mid-range output market.
The KM 610.C with 24 or 31 transport clamps operates at 9,000 cycles/h. It is the fastest machine in this series and is capable of handling any application in softcover and magazine finishing.

Recommended inline solutions combining KOLBUS perfect binders and gathering machines

KM 610.A for 5,000 to 8,000 cycles/h if combined with a ZU 805, ZU 822.A or ZU 832.A
KM 610.C for 9,000 cycles/h if combined with a ZU 822.C or ZU 832.C
KM 610.A for 5,000 cycles/h as standalone machine with manual feed for small production runs

Book block production

KM 610.A with endsheet feeder VA 424.A
KM 610.C with endsheet feeder VA 424.C


An endsheet unit upstream of the KM 610.A or KM 610.C adds front and back endsheets to the book blocks. The endsheets are transported and glued separately. Circulating pressure bars on either side apply firm pressure to ensure strong adhesion over the whole length of the endsheets.

Inline production of flap brochures

KM 610.A with UKV 610.A (cover feeder with flap turn-in device)
KM 610.C with UKV 610.C (cover feeder with flap turn-in device)